A Whole Load Of DIY

A Whole Load Of DIY

Hello and welcome back!

How are you all? This week I have been jam-packed with home improvements and honestly, I’m shattered and missing writing to you guys on here and communicating with you on other social media platforms. I’ve felt like such a slacker recently and I hate it. I love doing my social media’s, creating content and pretty pictures but I’ve just not been able to find the time.

This week my mum and nan have been saviours in helping me get a bulk of the house up to scratch and it’s really starting to pay off. It’s taking a little while longer than I’d have liked but it’s getting done slowly and most importantly properly and thoroughly. So, this week we have managed to get started on 2 rooms, our spare room and living room and it’s all coming together massively.

We’re also trying to get the little furballs into a more strict ”bedroom” and routine. That’s actually happened organically however, some of the rabbits really aren’t too pleased that they can no longer enter the living room for their naps.

Stewart and I also took a bit of time for ourselves to try and spend some time grabbing some content for our socials. We chose to go to Nottingham and unfortunately nothing was really grabbing our attention and it wasn’t long until we decided to go home and get to Stewart’s Mums for a banging BBQ.

a whole load of diy

Photographs from the week; link below

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