A Wedding Without A Marriage?

A Wedding Without  A Marriage?

Stewart and I have been together for almost 8 years now, basically married already in terms of where our relationship is at. We made the decision to get Engaged a couple of years back now and honestly, we both put off planning it because;

1. Expenses

2. We didn’t want to stand in front of strangers and be all soppy. We are certainly not that kind of couple at all.

3. We don’t care about the formal paperwork

4. We get to have an official wedding when our kids are older and have children of their own.

We could have easily left it so that we wouldn’t get married or have any kind of celebration at all but myself and Stewart both found that to be a bit of a shame on our families. Our grandparents are obviously getting old and it would be nice for them to have the experience of their grandchild getting married.

We wanted to have a celebration of sorts to celebrate with our friends and family that probably wont be here when our children are older.

We’ve had a lot of questions rise up to us, some of which left us a little, disgruntled, but on the other hand we have to expect some questions because what we’re doing is so modern that it’s almost alien.

In terms of the kind of celebration we are having, it will be more of a commitment/unity ceremony rather than a marriage. Getting lawfully wed will change nothing in terms of our relationship. Some of you may be thinking, then why don’t you marry if it wont change anything? Well simply because we don’t want someone telling us what to say to each other and what promises to make.

On the other hand, both of us are not religious and we very much see wedding as a religious ceremony so are taking our adventure on a much more spiritual journey instead.

Stay tuned for updates on all the cool and quirky stuff we’re planning, there will be many updates along the way.

We Got Married, Just Not By Law

wedding not by law

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  • Love that you are both doing it ‘your way’. It’s a celebration of your relationship that should be as individual as you are.

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