A Reflection On 2018

A Reflection On 2018

2018 has been a really testing year and honestly, like many people I am happy to be seeing the back of it. It’s not only been hard on me in terms of my mental health and money, it’s also been pretty hard on my family too. Never the less though, we are all alive and healthy so there’s nothing to really frown upon in terms of how 2018 has treated us.

I Finished Education For Good ;

I may not have finished it on the happy terms that I’d have hoped for, but never the less I finished and I never have to see that hell hole again. For the most part college was great and really helped build me as a person however, I can’t help but feel like they really screwed us at the end.

Stewart & I Found Our Wedding Location

Something that I don’t think anyone was expecting. You can read more about this in my post here.

a reflection on 2018

I Went Self-Hosted On My Blog

Something I never thought I’d do because I didn’t really understand what was so good about being self-hosted but having been self hosted for almost half a year now, I can see why people would recommend it and from me to you, I certainly would recommend for you to do it if you haven’t already.

I Got A Parrot!

I purchased a green cheek conure. For such a tiny bird, she has the most gigantic personality. She gives you kisses when you ask for them and even ask’s for them herself. She’s almost extremely demanding. If she wants to come out of her cage, then she is sure to make sure you know that and of course, she gets her own way, always.

a reflection on 2018

I Got A Flemish Giant Rabbit.

My ultimate goal when it came to pet rabbits was to have a flemish giant so believe my excitement when I finally found one in a pet shop in Scunthorpe. Unfortunately we had a lot of problems stem from this, Odin was purchased as a boy but we later found out she was a girl and covered in abccesses but, however, she is now fighting fit and as cheeky as ever.

a reflection on 2018
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