10 Achievements In 10 Years

10 Achievements In 10 Years

10 years ago I was finishing school. My mental health was in a terrible state and I was a lost soul. When I think back to 16 year old me I remember having a lot going through my head. I had no friends, screwed most of my GCSE’s up and had no idea what direction my life was going in.  I went through 2 years of turmoil before I met Stewart, who, undeniably helped turn my life around due to him loving me unconditionally and understanding me completely. 

10 Achievements In 10 Years

10 Achievements in 10 Years

I moved out.

Moving out was a big deal for me and it changed me for the better. Whilst i’m still not as independent as I’d like to be ultimately it made my brain that little more independent. It’s easy when living at home to get lost in the opinions of others around you whether or not it’s parents or siblings. When you move out you’re solely on your own, Stewart worked full time and so I spent most of my weeks on my own, with my own thoughts and own decisions.

I went back to college.

Since school I’d struggled to get back into any kind of education for years, I tried college and little community college things but nothing really worked for me. It took me until I was 20-21 to finally be in a mental space where I could be at college and be ready to knuckle down and study. 

10 Achievements in 10 Years

I earned myself a national diploma in Photography.

It certainly wasn’t an easy journey but I’d finally done it, maybe a few years later than most people my age but regardless, I achieved something and went on to achieve other academic milestones too.

I earned a HND (higher national diploma) in Photography

I became the first person in my family to get a Degree! 

I’ve kept pets alive.

A massive achievement in itself, wouldn’t you say? Oldest is going on 9 years.

I bit the bullet and got Antidepressants.

This was a big step for me. For years I didn’t go to the doctors in fear that they wouldn’t believe me when I would explain how I was feeling but they did, and they were great and all my worrying was for nothing.

10 Achievements in 10 Years
10 Achievements in 10 Years

I stopped taking shit from people.

I’ve dealt with so many jealous, insecure and really not very nice people over the years and still today. It’s important we don’t take someone elses problems onto our shoulders and that we do not take our bad moods and feelings out on the people that don’t deserve it. Ultimately people won’t agree with most of the ways I look at things and will give excuses after excuses on behalf of themselves and others but the reality of  it is, it’s really not that hard to respect someone regardless of how you feel. By all means, listen to people and be there for people when they need you but under no circumstances be made to feel like shit just because someone else is feeling that way. Treat others how you want to be treated.

I became happy and content with my life.

It’s taken a long, long while to finally be in a place where I am happy with where my life is. I have a fab husband who supports everything I want to do with my life, understands my weird phobia’s that nobody else knows about and supports me no matter what. I am totally OK with having a degree and not doing anything that people would have expected me to do with it. My life is heading in another direction and ultimately I’ve really stopped giving a shit about what other people think and I absolutely love blogging and creating content online. Photography is still my passion and the end of my photography days are certainly not over and you’ll be seeing a lot more of it here on my blog <3 

10 Achievements in 10 Years

I got married; or at least committed myself to someone.

If you’ve read my post ‘‘we got married, just not by law” you’ll understand what I mean by this point but if you haven’t, then please go read that post so I don’t have to explain it all again. 

obviously these are in no particular order. An achievement is an achievement and I am proud of myself for achieving all of the above and I look forwards to being able to share in 10 years time another 10 achievements with you all. What’s your best achievement in 10 years? If I had to choose one I would definitely say it would be becoming and choosing to be happy. Comment yours below; 

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