Back To School/College/Uni Prep Advice

Back To School/College/Uni Prep Advice

Here we are again, the academic year is beginning. All of us students back into the daily grind of studying and working our backsides off for a better future. We all are now experiencing that deep gut feeling of only having very little time left of complete utter freedom, homework-free evenings/nights are a thing of the past for the next 9-10 months.

 All is not bad though as we have one thing that makes going back to our place of education that little more exciting asides from seeing our friends and that is the prep! Who doesn’t love going to buy all the stationery in the whole wide world, brand new notebooks, folders and even bags!
I am going to list some of the things that I think are important for you to have on your return to a brand new, sparkling year at school, college or uni. 


 Find yourself a good bag!
This is one of THE most important things to purchase. You’re going to be lugging around books and possibly laptops around with you most of the time so it’s important that you get yourself a bag that isn’t going to crumble to pieces under a bit of pressure. I recently bought a bag, I absolutely loved it, however, putting a few pieces of heavy equipment in it soon lead to me within a month putting the bag in the bin. Obviously, you’re going to want a nice bag that totally expresses your personality, but make sure it’s a well-made one otherwise you might find yourself buying another within the next couple of months or even weeks!
Invest in an awesome, oh so totally you, pencil case
Why is it important that you’re completely in love with your pencil case? Because you wanna be proud of it and show it off and by showing it off you have to get it out and getting it out results into you using it and being a lot more motivated to work, or at least that’s how it works for me. If you buy yourself a bog standard pencil case you’re gonna find yourself keeping it in your bag and probably find yourself being a lot less productive than you would if you had your pencil case out and on display to the world. Fill it with the pens you want to & enjoy writing with. Get some colored pens for when you need to brighten up a particularly boring note-taking session.

Purchase and academic diary
I couldn’t have got through any of my college years without one of these. Having a diary where you can keep a note of when you started projects, homework, reminders that deadlines are coming up, the actual deadlines and special dates that may be important to you like trips or vocational days. Most Academic diaries also come with built in time table tables where you can pencil in your time table and ensure you always have a copy on it of you because who doesn’t lose the first timetable you’re given at the start of every year and finds themselves asking someone else when are where they are supposed to be?
Get some notebooks
Another pretty important purchase, because nobody wants to bring out of their bag a battered up notebook from around 2 years ago, do they? Go out and treat yourself to some pretty new notebooks that reflect your personality and awaken your inner motivated self. I especially like A5 notebooks. They’re just the right size for note taking and don’t take up too much space in your bag.


Plan out a routine
Getting yourself into a routine before you go back to school, college or uni will help you massively and the first week back won’t seem like such a struggle because your body will already be adjusting to the routine that you’ve created. For example; 
A week before you’re due to go back start getting up a little earlier every day and get your body back into a routine that doesn’t involve going to bed at 3 am and then waking up at past 12 pm. Start resetting that body clock ready for the early morning start of the first day back. 

alongside this, find a way that suits you to get some work at home done, but don’t spend so much time doing so that you’re missing out on your favourite programs or spending time with your family and friends. I spent a lot of my time last year constantly working on projects and gave myself very little time to do the things that helped me wind down from the stresses of college work. It’s so important you give yourself an even balance of personal, chill time alongside being strict on yourself and ensuring you do some work at home to ease the pressure.


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