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Living With A Conure - Guest Post by Stewart Moore

So, Shannon’s mum got this lovely little conure last year. She was really friendly and a lot of fun and unsurprisingly, after just a couple of weeks Shannon decided she wanted one. Long story short, along came Birdie. Birdie, a cute little green-cheek conure, began causing a raucous within about 6 minutes. To begin to help you understand I’m going to split this into a bunch of categories.

Create The Life You Love

It’s no lie that you can’t chose the cards you’re given and whilst that’s true, what you do with those cards is entirely in your control, meaning you can create the life you love. Whether you believe me or not, it’s true. for the past year i’ve been working hard to create for myself a life that i love and honestly, i’m still working at it now. Ultimately i’m not getting there as quick as i’d like but i’m getting there never the less and the most important key thing is tonot give up, no matter how much easier that might seem...