I’ve been terribly bad at keeping track of the weeks again but honestly, at this point in pregnancy I feel as though all the weeks are literally just rolling into one. If it wasn’t for my pregnancy app I wouldn’t even know how many weeks I was.

Up until 27 weeks I’ve had no cravings at all, however as I turned 27 weeks it was like a switch had been switched and all of a sudden all I wanted was to shove a sponge in my mouth. It’s not that I want to ingest it however, chewing it and just mangling it in my mouth was more than enough to satisfy my needs. It started when my dad handed me a sponge to wash the car with, I smelt it and for about 2 weeks that’s all I could think about and focus on and I was adamant that I wasn’t going to give in to temptation but unfortunately, temptation won and I went..


I'm Shannon, a 27 year old creative from Lincolnshire. I adore my family, animals and expressing myself via blogging, photography, painting and sketching. I live with my husband Stewart, very soon our daughter Minnie and our clan of furries.




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